Visit a new website and learn about Second victims in healthcare

This website aims to communicate news and activities of the ERNST – COST ACTION CA19113: THE EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS’ NETWORK WORKING ON SECOND VICTIMS. Learn more about the action, its aim, and objectives here:

Our colleagues, prof. Andrea Madarasova Geckova and Ivana Skoumalova, MSc. are participating in the following working groups of the action:

WG1 / Network promotion (Networking, management, dissemination issues, assessment of work plan and sustainability)
WG3 / Making it happen (Make feasible interventions, train professionals, and implement cultural, legal, or educational changes)
WG4 / Facilitators and barriers (Explore and facilitate alternatives to overcome taboos, or obstacles facilitating collaboration among stakeholders)

Learn more about the working groups, its objectives, and deliverables here:

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