Our Horizon 2020 proposal “RIVER-EU: Reducing Inequalities in Vaccine uptake in the European Region – Engaging Underserved communities” supported by the European Commission!!!

We are happy to be a part of it as members of the consortium consisting of 14 institutions from 10 European and associated countries. Our university research team consisting of experts in field of epidemiology, infectious disease, health psychology, and public health Prof. Monika Halanova, dr. Ingrid Urbancikova, Prof. Andrea Madarasova Geckova and dr. Daniela Filakovska will be lead by prof. Pavol Jarčuška supported by university project centre in implementation of this project.

On behalf of the UPJŠ, our colleagues Andrea Madarasova Geckova and Daniela Filakovska attended the first online consortium meeting held on the 6th of January where the agenda for the upcoming period was discussed. The aim of this project is to 1) increase understanding of the determinants of low vaccine uptake in specific contexts; 2) develop strategies to increase vaccination rates within these contexts; and 3) develop a series of recommendations that national and regional public health authorities could implement in order to increase vaccine coverage. 

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