New Associate Editors in IJPH journal!

Congratulations to our colleagues Jaroslava Kopcakova and Daniela Husarova, who have accepted an invitation to become an Associate Editor of IJPH and will begin to handle manuscripts as of 22th September 2022! The International Journal of Public Health (IF 5.1) publishes scientific articles relevant to global public health, from different countries and cultures, and assembles them into issues that raise awareness and understanding of public health problems and solutions.

The advisory panel of the DIPEx Care4Youth project has had its first successful meeting – we look forward to further cooperation

As part of the ongoing qualitative project DIPEx Care4Youth, aimed at capturing the experience of adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems and their parents with the system of care, on September 13 at the Institute of Health Psychology and Research Methodology of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ, the first meeting of the members of the advisory panel was held with members of the research team.

We presented our vision within the DIPEx Care4Youth project to the members of the advisory panel, and with their generous help, we thought about which teenagers and parents we need to reach for our interviews and which topics we need to touch on during the interview.

DIPEx International is a unique global collaboration of scientists, clinicians and patients committed to enriching the understanding of people’s experiences of health, healthcare and illness and bringing this new knowledge to the world through qualitative research.

More information can be found at

11th conference of HEPA Europe – “An ecosystem approach to health enhancing physical activity promotion”  attended by our colleague in Nice, France presenting our recent work

From 31 August till 2 September 2022, our colleague Jaroslava Kopčáková met with other prominent researchers in the field of physical activity promotion at the 11th conference of Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA Europe) in Nice, France.

She was invited with colleagues from Faculty of Sports, University in Presov, Slovakia to share their knowledge via poster presentation (Associations of the physical activity-related injuries with selected variables in adolescents – results of the pilot study) on latest findings from Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children study.

Associate professor Zuzana Dankulincová presented on 36th EHPS conference her keynote lecture – How to implement what we know from health psychology into practice

Our colleague Zuzana Dankulincova was invited to present at the 36th European Health Psychology Society conference in Bratislava as one of the keynote speaker. Her keynote lecture – How to implement what we know from health psychology into practice – discussed how can our research practices and research outcomes contribute more to health and social policy changes.

In case you missed it or were not able to attend, lecture is available for you here.

36th conference of the EHPS – “Charting new territories in Health psychology” attended by our colleagues in Bratislava, Slovakia presenting our recent work

From 23 till 27 August 2022, our colleagues Lucia Bosáková, Daniela Fiľakovská and Stanislava Kováčová met with other prominent researchers in the field of health psychology on the 36th annual conference of European Health Psychology Society in Bratislava, Slovakia.

They were invited to share their knowledge via oral presentations on latest findings from RomaReach and Care4Youth studies.

Meeting with the head of Healthy regions in Bratislava: future cooperation on the RIVER-EU project established

Our colleague Daniela Fiľakovská had a meeting with the head of Healthy regions Tatiana Hrustič and her colleagues in Bratislava. Together they discussed future cooperation on the RIVER-EU project which is implemented by our team at the Faculty of Medicine, PJ Šafárik university in Košice.

This project concerns vaccination against HPV in the marginalized Roma communities and it supplements PRESCRIP-TEC project already being covered by Healthy regions, concerning HPV self-testing for women from the same target group.

Prof. Andrea Madarasová Gecková awarded silver medal of the Comenius unversity for the extraordnary contribution for the development of Health psychology in Slovakia. Congratulations!!!

Our colleague prof. Andrea Madarasová Gecková was awarded by the silver medal of the Comenius University in Bratislava during the Opening ceremony on the 36th conference of European Health Psychology Society held in Bratislava as a recognition of her extraordinary contribution to the development of Health psychology in Slovakia.


Colleagues from NOVA National School of Public Health, Lisbon organized the first FACE TO FACE meeting of the European Researchers Network Working on Second Victims (ERNST cost action CA19113)

Our colleagues Ivana Skoumalova and Andrea Madarasova Geckova were among 17 researchers from 13 countries participating on this event (27 and 28th June, 2022).  Two days of intensive work on Case Studies, Training Manual and Training School preparation aiming to improve training of medical students, health care workers, health care managers in supporting second victims. Our mutual aim is to improve patient safety through building and promoting resilience of health care providers and workers.

Many valuable information could be found on network website:

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Our colleague Lucia Bosakova is currently on a working stay at the Universidad de La Laguna in San Cristóbal de La Laguna with prof. Emilia Sanz and dr. Vinita Mahtani

This work stay is related to our participation in the DIPEx International network and the extension of our research activities to the research of the patient experiences.

The aim of this stay is to deepen the cooperation with DIPEx Spain, as well as to prepare our first DIPEx module concerning children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems in the care system, with the kind help of colleagues from DIPEx Spain.

Short term scientific mission in Spain with the team of José Mirá

Our colleague Ivana Skoumalova visited the University of Miguel Hernández in Elche and a team of professor José Mirá who is working on the topic of patient safety.
This short-term scientific mission is conducted within the COST action CA 19133: The European Researchers’ Network Working on Second Victims. The aim of the visit is to deepen the collaboration with the Spanish team and to work on the Delphi study focused on psychological safety in healthcare. 

More info about the COST action CA19113: