How can health psychology contribute to the quality of life of dialysed patients?

Health psychology examines psychological, behavioral and cultural factors or processes related to health, illness or health care. Dialyzed patients are one of the target research groups at LF UPJŠ aiming at improving the efficiency of the provided health services as well as expanding their offer for effective intervention programs.

Researchers from several departments, Institute of Health Psychology, Institute of Clinical Biochemistry, Institute of Physical Education and Sport have taken advantage of their interdisciplinary team, working with foreign workplaces in the Netherlands and Australia, as well as working with the network of dialysis centers FMC – dialysis service, s.r.o. This project is one of world-class pioneering projects that aim at a deeper understanding of the implications of health literacy on various aspects of the health of patients with chronic illness. On the Slovak scale, this is a unique initiative with such a wide range.

More information might be found here.

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