The advisory panel of the DIPEx Care4Youth project has had its first successful meeting – we look forward to further cooperation

As part of the ongoing qualitative project DIPEx Care4Youth, aimed at capturing the experience of adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems and their parents with the system of care, on September 13 at the Institute of Health Psychology and Research Methodology of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJŠ, the first meeting of the members of the advisory panel was held with members of the research team.

We presented our vision within the DIPEx Care4Youth project to the members of the advisory panel, and with their generous help, we thought about which teenagers and parents we need to reach for our interviews and which topics we need to touch on during the interview.

DIPEx International is a unique global collaboration of scientists, clinicians and patients committed to enriching the understanding of people’s experiences of health, healthcare and illness and bringing this new knowledge to the world through qualitative research.

More information can be found at

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