We attended supervisory meeting bridging us with colleagues from University of Groningen and discussed upcoming outcomes of our GenZer project

Today we discussed together outcomes of our Genzer project that we started during COVID-19 pandemics. We moved the GenZer project to the online space and invited experienced experts from IPčko. We spent more than two months online with teenagers and today there are 6 themes in the world, 6 models, 6 views of the world of teenagers, based on interviews with them.

We know much more about how they have to sleep (Michaela Kostičová, Eva Dobiasova), which prevents them and helps them develop in school, what prevents them and helps them feel safe and good at school (Simi Horan, Daniela Husarova Brindova, Lenka Sokolová , Miriam Lare), how they use online space and technology to their advantage, what risks they perceive in online space (Laura Bittó Urbanová, Zuzana Dankulincova Veselska, Silvia Capíková) and also what prevents them and helps them to be physically active (Viktoria Korchinskaya, Jaroslava Kopčáková, Boris Katrušín).

We are looking forward to being able to release these messages out, because they will also surprise and help us a lot to tailor our strategies and interventions in the right direction.

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