Meeting with Mette Toftager from HBSC team Denmark

On 10th December our PhD. students Veronika Pacutova and Viktorya Karchynskaya met with Mette Toftager, who is a researcher at the Faculty of Health, National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark and also project manager of the HBSC research collaborating with WHO Regional Office for Europe. It is a cross-national study, where the data are collected every 4 years in 50 countries across Europe and North America, as well as in Slovakia for years 2021/2022. Interest of the research is in daily physical activity, bullying, peer support, sexual behaviour, tobacco use, feeling low and more… Regarding this meeting, they discussed physical activity and differences among Danish and Slovak adolescents.

Check out for more info:

HBSC Slovakia – Health Behaviour in School-aged Children | Medzinárodná štúdia o zdraví a so zdravím súvisiacom správaní 11-, 13- a 15-ročných školákov (


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