Meeting with Julie Dalgaard Guldager from University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Esbjerg

On 30th November our PhD. students Veronika Pacutova and Viktorya Karchynskaya met with Julie Dalgaard Guldager, who is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences, SDU. They discussed physical activity among Danish and Slovak adolescents and COVID-19 pandemic management. Interesting to mention is that Julie is also part of the research team which created the first virtual application of the party simulation just to prevent peer pressure regarding alcohol consumption among young people. 

More information could be found on the following links:

VR FestLab – Aplikácie v službe Google Play

Academic stress in Danish medical and health science students during the COVID-19 lock-down

What Predicts Adherence to Governmental COVID-19 Measures among Danish Students?

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