Podcast “Health care proffesional’s mistake. End of his career or not?” has been played 5 500 times!

What does a health care professional experience after a patient’s health is revealed? As a society, are we able to perceive the complexity of the situation in which the health care provider finds himself? How to approach it with respect and understanding?

These questions were answered and you can listen to them in the following podcast here organized by Chamber of Medical Law – Medius.

JUDr. Marika Barabas Pavlíková
JUDr. Ivan Humeník, PhD
MUDr. Branislav Chrenka
prof. Mgr. Andrea Madarasova Geckova, PhD
PhDr. Silvia Pekarcikova, MPH, MHA
Moderator: Zuzana Kovačič Hanzelová

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