We are happy to welcome new team members Stanislava Kováčová and Jana Plavnická on the board!

Stanislava Kováčová (on the left) and Jana Plavnická joined the part of the team working on the research area of marginalized Roma at the beginning of September.

Stanislava Kováčová will participate in the RomaREACH project and do her PhD. within our double-degree program between PJ Safarik University in Košice and Groningen University in the Netherlands. She will focus on healthy early childhood development and parenting strategies in marginalized Roma communities.

Jana Plavnická will work as a researcher on the H2020 RIVER-EU project focused on reducing inequalities in vaccine uptake in underserved communities in which we will try to identify and overcome health system barriers to HPV vaccination faced by marginalized Roma. Welcome ladies!

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