Working Group 3 of the COST action meeting of THE EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS’ NETWORK WORKING ON SECOND VICTIMS was held online

On February 4th and 5th, the meeting of Working Group 3 of the COST action, CA19113, lead by Paulo Sousa, was held on 4 and 5 February. Despite the current situation in Europe it was attended by about 18 people, including the Chair of the action, José Joaquín Mira, who participate as a guest.

The participants who came from different European countries,Bosnia, Poland, Croatia, Sweden, Slovakia, Croatia, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Portugal (host country) and Spain, joined the meeting through Zoom platform.

This initial approach promoted:

  • First contact meeting with members
  • Discussion of the ideas of the international meeting
  • Presentation of the Google folder for file sharing among members
  • Discussing terms for second victims
  • Discussing metrics for evaluation

It should be noted that all participants were resolute, with high participation and a diversity of points of view between different countries for this action COST . Besides this was an activity with  high participation, the participation rate was about 75% of the total amount of working group members.

Both days were absolutely fruitful, the participants had a discussion about the strategies to be followed, a platform to be connected through Google Drive was implemented and in the late afternoon the attendees were divided into two small groups: one to talk about the term “second victims” and another group to talk about the evaluation metrics to be taken. At the end the discussion about the Training Manual and Case Study, both deliverables expected, ended with the intention of link them.

More information here:

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