A new paper on health literacy in dialyzed patients was released in IJERPH!

Read our fresh scientific article on health literacy in dialyzed patients. We explored whether depression and anxiety mediate the association of health literacy with diet non-adherence in dialyzed patients. The results of the study showed that anxiety and depression partly mediated this association. Our findings imply that attention is needed to focus on early and regular screening for the symptoms of depression and anxiety and their treatment in dialyzed patients. Decreased capacities in HL may lead to feelings of failure, frustration, passivity, or uncertainty in relation to treatment and health improvement and thus result in decreased diet adherence. Feelings of confusion related to health information and treatment in connection to anxiety or depression may affect communication with health care providers, thus they should pay more attention to encourage patients to be active in participation and offer psychological support where needed.

Read more in the open-access journal: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/21/7913

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