Our Slovak HBSC team released new National report based on data collected in 2017/2018!

Slovak national HBSC team travelled nearly 10,000 km, visited more than 100 schools from all over Slovakia and approached nearly 10,000 schoolchildren, with almost 1000 of them measuring body composition and fitness. The findings are processed in the National Report, which we was presented to the professional and general public in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Public Health Authority, and Ministry of Education and under the auspices of the World Health Organization in June 2019. They discuss following issues:

Reserves in psychohygiene and movement literacy

Eating fruit and vegetables is growing, consumption of sweet and energy drinks is falling

Unsatisfactory and stagnant state of oral health

Insufficient functional fitness and high incidence of obesity

New technologies and online space – a tool to meet basic psychosocial needs

The crisis of attitude towards school, not towards education

Still few rules and shared activities with parents.

The incidence of violent behavior is declining and perceived discrimination is low

High incidence of tobacco smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages despite the downward trend


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