Veronika Pačutová

Veronika PacutovaMgr. Veronika Pačutová (1990) studied Public Health at Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Slovakia. During her study she actively participated in the project „Respect for life – Occurrence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease in high school students“ under the auspices of Bratislava region, Regional office of public health in Bratislava and Slovak Medical University. The purpose of this project was to detect the occurrence of risky factors of cardiovascular diseases in high school students by using a cross-sectional study. She was responsible for measuring, collecting, evaluating of datas and assistance in completing the questionnaires. All data sources have been applied in her thesis. The project helped her to develop analytical skills and learn how to prioritize work properly. She obtained a Bachelor´s degree with a thesis „Psychosocial risk factors and developing of chronic diseases“ and successfully completed her Master´s degree with thesis „Obesity and psychosocial risk factors in high school children“. She received important work experience and passion for improving healthcare during pandemic situation COVID-19 in 2020 at Regional office of public health. She is a member of The Slovak Chamber of Medical and Technical Personnel.

At present time, she is a PhD student in Public Health at the Department of Health Psychology, Faculty Medicine, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice. She is focused on research in “Quality of life in dialysed patients – longitudinal study„ and „COVID-19“. Her main interest remains in the field of quality of healthcare provided during pandemic situation COVID-19 and circumstances which could affect it and what kind of impact they could cause.