Peter Kolarčik


Peter Kolarčik, PhD. (1982) finished study of psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Trnava and after a short work experience in human resources area began working as a researcher at Košice Institute of Society and Health (KISH) at the P.J. Šafárik University in Košice. He defended his PhD. at the University of Groningen in the medical sciences in 2012. His research activities are focused on research of health and health risk behaviours among socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, particularly children from Roma settlements and the most recently are aimed on health literacy in vulnerable populations. His scientific interests are related with advanced statistical procedures (regression models, structural equation modelling, Rasch model, item response theory modelling), psychometrics and social psychology. Contemporary he works as senior researcher and collaborates with several institutions (e.g. WHO, University in Olomouc, Deakin University in Melbourne) and is involved in several national and international projects. He also worked as publicity manager in two projects funded by the European Union Structural Funds (CEMIO, CEEPM, 2010-2014), from 2012, is a member of the international project on Social determinants of health in socially disadvantaged, disabled and other disadvantaged groups of the population (SODEZZ). He is also an active member of the national team of international HBSC study and since 2009 he is the national coordinator of the Roma Regional Health Intelligence Centre in Budapest. In 2010 was he awarded the SHARE PhD. Top Publication Award, for two scientific papers published in the top 10% and 30% of the journals. He is currently working at the Department of Health Psychology, Medical Faculty of P.J. Šafárik University as senior scientific researcher.

Selected scientific activities and projects:

2020 – 2024 Research on early childhood in marginalized Roma communities: contextual factors of psychomotor development in the first 1000 days. APVV-19-0493
2019 – 2023 Generation Z – New challenges in youth development. APVV-18-0070
2017 – 2021 How to use health literacy profiles in improvement of chronic
disease management. APVV-16-0490
2011 – 2015 Project SOPHIE HEALTH-F3-2011-278173 – Evaluating the impact of structural policies on health inequalities and their social determinants and fostering change is realised within 7th Framework programme, HEALTH.2011.3.3-1 Developing methodologies to reduce inequities in the determinants of health.
2012 –2014 Social determinants of health in socially disadvantaged, disabled and other disadvantaged groups of the population (SODEZZ), Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in Czech Republic (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0063)
2011 – 2014 HepaMeta Risk factors for hepatitis B/C and metabolic syndrome in a group of people living in Roma settlements
2011 – 2012 International Visegrad Fund: Health Behaviour in School-aged Children Study: Supporting the Visegrad countries research network, No.21110275
 2010 – 2014 Centre of excellence for researching factors affecting health, with a focus on groups of marginalised and immunocompromised persons (CEMIO, ITMS: 26220120058)
 2010 – 2014 Centre of excellence for electromagnetic fields in medicine (CEEPM, ITMS: 26220120067)
 2009 – 2015 Health and health-related behaviour within social context in adolescence project is realised.  APVV-0032-11
2009 – present National Delegate od Regional Roma Health Intelligence Centre
2006 – 2009 Individual, interpersonal, social and societal factors of risk behaviour in adolescence. APVV-20-038205

Other publications