Lucia Bosáková


Lucia Bosáková, PhD (1983) received her Master degree as well as PhD. in Economics and Corporate Management (Faculty of Business Economy in Košice, University of Economics in Bratislava). She also completed a year of study at École Supérieure de Commerce et Management in Poitiers, France. At present time, she is researcher at the Department of Health Psychology and Research Methodology, Medical Faculty of P.J. Šafárik University in Košice. In the past she was also Vice-dean for Development, Projects, Informatization and Public Relations at the Faculty of Business Economy in Košice, University of Economics in Bratislava. Her research is focused on public health with particular focus on health inequalities and socio-economic determinants of health as well as on health economics and healthcare management.

Selected scientific activities and projects:

2021 – 2026 Reducing Inequalities in Vaccine uptake in the European Region – Engaging Underserved communities – RIVER-EU. Horizon 2020 H2020-SC1-BHC-2018-2020 Better Health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems
2020 – 2024 Research on early childhood in marginalized Roma communities: contextual factors of psychomotor development in the first 1000 days. APVV-19-0493
2020 – 2023 Mapping the trajectory and experiences of adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems in the care
system: opportunities for improvement from the perspective of adolescents and their parents VEGA 1/0177/20
2019 – 2023 Generation Z – New challenges in youth development. APVV-18-0070
2017 – 2021 How to use health literacy profiles in improvement of chronic
disease management. APVV-16-0490
2016 – 2020 Psychosocial development of children with emotional and behavioural disorders in the system of care – longitudinal study. APVV-15-0012
2013 – present Member of Focus Group Social Inequalities within Health Behaviour in School-aged children study
2012 – present Member of national team within Health Behaviour in School-aged children study
2015 – 2018 Trajectory of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural problems within the social and health care system. A longitudinal study. VEGA 1/0981/15
2015 – 2017 Project EURO-HEALTHY – “Shaping EUROpean policies to promote HEALTH equitY”, Grant agreement no. 643398
2011 – 2015 Project SOPHIE HEALTH-F3-2011-278173 – Evaluating the impact of structural policies on health inequalities and their social determinants and fostering change was realised within 7th Framework programme, HEALTH.2011.3.3-1 Developing methodologies to reduce inequities in the determinants of health
2011 – 2015 Health and health-related behaviour within social context in adolescence. APVV-0032-11

Other publications