Ivana Skoumalová

_IMG5091PhDr. Ivana Skoumalová, (1985) finished study of psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prešov in 2008 and theory and methodology of systemic psychotherapy at Slovak Institute of Education in Psychotherapy in 2015. She is a member of Slovak Chamber of Psychologists and Slovak Psychotherapy Association. During her practice as clinical psychologist and counselor, she had the opportunity to work with various vulnerable groups of clients – women experiencing violence, LGBT people and people struggling with mental illness. From 2014 she also works as a training lecturer in theory and methodology of systemic approach (ISZ Kosice).

At the present time she is a PhD student at the Department of Health Psychology, Faculty of Medicine, University of P.J. Šafárik in Kosice. Her PhD thesis is focused on research in using the health literacy profile to increase the effectiveness of chronic kidney disease management. She is interested in possibilities of using the concept of health literacy to improve health of patients with chronic kidney disease, specially the responsiveness of the health care system to patients needs and interaction between patients and health care providers.



Selected scientific activities and projects:

2020 – 2024 COST CA19113 The European Researchers’ Network Working on Second Victims
2020 – 2021 VVGS 2020-1444 PURE Zlepšenie zdravia zraniteľných skupín skrze šírenie excelencie
2019 – 2020 Secondary Prevention of Dialysis Patients: Aspects of Physical Activity, Quality of Life and Application of Movement Program in Dialysis Workplace Environment. VVGS-2019-1069
2017 – 2021 Using the health literacy profile to increase the effectiveness of chronic kidney disease management. APVV-16-0490
2017 – 2020 Erasmus+ IMPACCT: IMproving PAtient-centered Communication Competences: To build professional capacity concerning Health literacy in medical, nursing and paramedical education

Other publications