Daniela Husárová Brindová


Daniela Husárová, PhD. (1987) received her Master degree in Psychology (Faculty of Medicine, PJ Safarik University in Košice), PhD. in Public Health (Faculty of Medicine, PJ Safarik University in Košice), as well as in Health sciences (University of Groningen, The Netherlands). During her university studies and after graduation she worked in the psychosocial centre in work position of psychologist. Currently, she is a researcher at  the Department of Health Psychology and Research Methodology, Faculty of Medicine, PJ Safarik University in Košice. Her research is focused on psychosocial development and determinants of health in social context of school-aged children. She is also focused on psychosocial development of children with emotional and behavioural problems and their trajectory in system of care.  Moreover, she participated and still participates in several projects of national research agencies (APVV, VEGA). Besides that, she published 25 scientific articles in SSCI journals with 203 citations with h-index equal 8. In addition, she is a member of national and international team within Health Behaviour in School-aged children study (HBSC), and member of European Health Psychology Society. Since 2022, she became a member of editorial board as associate editor in International Journal of Public Health.


Selected scientific activities and projects:

2020 – 2024 Research on early childhood in marginalized Roma communities: contextual factors of psychomotor development in the first 1000 days. APVV-19-0493
2020 – 2023 Mapping the trajectory and experiences of adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems in the care
system: opportunities for improvement from the perspective of adolescents and their parents VEGA 1/0177/20
2019 – 2023 Generation Z – New challenges in youth development. APVV-18-0070
2017 – 2020 Health literacy in a school-aged children as a part of education process in schools and the outcome of school based health education. VEGA 1/0427/17
2016 – 2020 Psychosocial development of children with emotional and behavioural disorders in the system of care – longitudinal study. APVV-15-0012
2013 – 2015 Health and health-related behaviour within social context in adolescence APVV-0032-11
2014 – present Psychosocial development of health disadvantaged school-aged children VEGA 1/0895/14

Other publications